Our Expertise


Decades experiences in multistep synthesis, asymmetric synthesis, new methodologies development, unstable chemicals and etc.


Expertise in conjugation of biomolecules with payloads in vitro/vivo. Chemical synthesis of peptides, unnatural amino acids, lipids and etc.


Deep understanding of hit to lead discovery. Extensive experiences with structure activity relationship study.


Extensive experiences in designing and optimizing chemical manufacture process. Well established kilo-labs.

Our Services


contract reserach

We provide flexible collaborations to our industry and academic partners.

custom synthesis

No matter big or small of the molecule, you need it, we delivered it. 

contract manufacture

Our current capacity is in kilo-lab. But expansion is underway.

Project Consultancy

Offer project management and consultancy for early drug discovery IND, CMC, and etc.

our commitment

IP Protection

We understand IP is key asset to our customs. We guarantee to protect your valuable assets as well as our reputation.


Scenva offers high quality services and products constantly. We keeps improving through science. There is no Best, always Better.


There is no deadly for us exploring sciences, but we keep our promise and deliver the products ahead of time as an agile team. 


Saving cost scientifically is our solution to save the limited natural resources. It enable us and our customers competitive in the business.

Our Experiences

Showcase the specific fields of our successful projects 

hit to lead discovery

Worked with rising star biotech company. Delivered  a chemical library and advanced a couple molecules into next stage of research 

labeling agents

Supported renowned academic labs for cutting edge research with probes labeled with dyes, stable isotopes, stable radicals.

unnatural amino acids

Developed a synthesis platform for designer amino acids to support peptides industries and research labs. Provided consulting to synthetic biologists.

reference materials

Worked closely with our custom’s CMC team. More than delivering the chemicals, we helped develop the analytical methods and draft the documents. 

linker for ADC

We have been working on linkers for various projects, but we won’f forget the one we struggled and finally succeeded for our partner at Kansas. 

idea realization

Our customs have brilliant idea but limited with resources. That is the time we chip in. We advanced the projects on top of custom’s expectation.

stable isotope

It is an excellent learning process for our team initially. Customs are impressed by our scientists’s quick response to unexpected challenges. 

your next project

We act quickly, accurately, precisely, and constantly. We can advance your projects quickly and successfully. we are ready for your next project……